ThermoDetect Pro™

The UK’s favourite no-contact thermometer is the safest way to detect temperature.

Protect your household or business by screening visitors

ThermoDetectPro™ can measure the temperature of a person from a safe distance and with no contact necessary. It does this using infrared technology, inferring the temperature simply from the thermal radiation and infrared energy that the person is giving off.

Your business or government procurement partner

We are well-equipped to handle the volume you require for your business or government, and will accomodate your procurement process. If desired, we can even print your brand on the product and packaging!

For orders over £4,000, please email

Our Happy Customers

“Bought one in a pinch during COVID19 crisis because they’re sold out everywhere. The thermometer is light and easy to use. You just turn it on, place it on your forehead and press the button to read your temperature.”
Katie Thomas
“Great product. Took 5 days to arrive but it’s worth the wait because they’re so hard to find. The readings seem accurate to me and I’m happy with the purchase overall. Would recommend to those looking to get one. ”
Jack Bryant
“Ordered 300 units for my business. Fast shipping considering the price. The product works wonderfully and we were able to re-open before severe cash issues came became an intractable issue.”
Alice Clark

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